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I don’t know what to do for the best…

When i finished my last counselling session in 2014, i was starting to get back on track and finding my way again. The sessions helped with my PTSD. My flashbacks and nightmares were the biggest challenge at the time. Then in January 2015 i felt strong enough to get help for my next issues which was anxiety and my GP Referred me for CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). Which I agreed was right for me at the time. However i was expecting a 12 month waiting list. I’m now 9 months in and social anxiety is my biggest issue, however I’m not sure that CBT is now right for me in my current state of mind. I think talking to someone about my anxieties and things that had happened in my past (domestic abuse and past issues) that seem to be running rampant around me mind at the moment.

I’m scared of saying anything to my GP or asking for different help, cause i really don’t know what is for the best. I don’t want to¬†end up in the same situation, if i cancel or change the CBT, i might then go back on a waiting list for another 12 months and that wont help. But at the same time, doing counselling/CBT when your not ready for it or in the right frame of mind, is also dangerous. (Numerous GP’s and mental health people have said this).

I feel i’m not only letting myself down, but letting friends and family down. Everyone wants me to get better ASAP, even though there is no official timescales for recovery. I don’t want to be a burden, a worry or a cause of stress for anyone.

There is always the crisis team, which i know have helped others before, but without a GP or someone referring me, i feel like a fraud asking for help. I just don’t know what to do or where to go!


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  1. You are not letting anyone down and the crisis team are there for everyone. Do contact them, it takes strength to ask for help and we will be proud of you for asking. Only by not asking will you letting yourself down and please remember we are all here for you. We need you to be strong enough to know when you need help xx

  2. Hi love, just found this, sorry I did not see it before. You are the only one who can tell which way to go. Try to follow your instincts – it already sounds as if you don’t think CBT is right for you at the moment. You have two options from what you have said, either :
    1. Go to CBT, if it comes up soon, and take the Councellors advice on whether he/she feels they can help you now. They are not going to go ahead if they feel you are not ready.
    2. Contact the crisis team and ask for advice on what they think. You have genuine concerns and there is nothing fraudulent about that. You need to be in contact with a professional body who can advise you on the next step. The crisis team could be that body.
    Go with your feelings and remember little steps, you will be well but noone is pushing. you are never a burden or cause of stress! We do all want you to be well but as you say no timescales and we are all walking at your pace. xx

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