Confidence V Risk Taking

Well Since my breakdown in November, I have started to realize that the world i create in my mind and the things i image happening are a lot more worse and scary then real life itself. I Have found myself wanting to do things that i would have before said was too dangerous or stupid to do. What i deem stupid and dangerous is quite different to everyone else. I haven’t had the best confidence, and have had other health issues (knees) which have restricted some of the activities i would have liked to do.

I have noticed a trending of me wanting to do more things that are out of my comfort zone. Is this because i have a new found confidence that the world isn’t as scary as it used to me. Or is it me just taking more risks, cause I’m in the what the hell mood, nothing can be as worse as what I’ve already experienced.

It could be both a boost to me confidence as well as more risk taking. I’m not planning on doing anything silly, but more open to ideas now than i was before ( See my Bucket List). Incresed risk taking esp, with my mental health issues are a worry, but its also something that is well known and documented with people who have PTSD and Depression. As for the increased confidence i think this is more that i ahve realized in myself that The Reality of the world is not as scary as what my mind can produce. Then again i’m still scared and have no confidence going out, another symptom of my Anxiety Disorder.  [whohit]Confidence-V-Risk-Taking[/whohit]

2 thoughts on “Confidence V Risk Taking

  1. It’s part of that one step at a time. Confidence is good and nothing can be as scary as your mind makes it. You just need to use the confidence to address the things that are bothering you the most. Using it to bolster you as you go out the door. Imagine you are heading out to complete your bucket list and let your confidence carry you outside.

    You also need to trust your family & friends – they will let you know when things are too dangerous and when to slow down. Otherwise use that confidence to it’s fullest and enjoy life outside that is not as scary as your imagination. For now it’s anxiety vs. confidence and it’s time to let the confidence win xxxxx

  2. I look at this and think ‘Wow, well done you’ it is a huge step forward for you to be talking like this. All your little steps are adding up and you are stronger again. Keep smiling – you are beating it.

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