Going round in circles….

Well haven’t done an update for a while. Mainly cause i’m stuck in loop and going round in circles.

Feeling a little lost to be honest.

Circles Signpost

I need help with my state of mind and mental health, however the mental health team cant help as I have physical issues with my knees. So was referred to Physio and started going weekly to the Hospital. Until i had a major panic attack during a session. The physiotherapist doesn’t want to continue until my mental health is better, but the mental health team wont help until my physical issues are sorted. So catch 22! The GP is trying to intervene as she agrees that i shouldn’t be doing physiotherapy in the state i’m in. As the exercises get my heart beating fasting with starts panic attacks.

Have been trying to occupy myself and learn new skills. Been having fun Creating paper models over 140 made so far, running out of space.lol  ( Photos: Ferris Wheel and Space Shuttle Models):

Ferris Wheel Shuttle

Have also invested in some loom bands and have been attempting these as well, managed to make a snake and a number of bracelets.


2 thoughts on “Going round in circles….

  1. Wish I could say something to help, but it is one step at a time. Try contacting your local NHS trust – sometimes getting another 3rd party involved may help. For example pick one of the hospitals you go to and get PALS involved. They help mediate and resolve disputes and may be able to knock the heads of the physio and mental health team together. Start chasing Mikey – make some quakes of your own!

    The roundabout will still keep going round, but you can put your foot out and try and stop it by speaking with other people and trying to get them to help. You have control of this and can make a difference. Hugs to you xxx

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