Making Plans…

Making plans when your depressed and have anxiety issues isn’t easy. Its not easy for a number of different reasons. Firstly when I make i never know how my mood or how I’ll be feeling on the day. Normally when i make plans I’m feeling upbeat and confident, So might plan everything thing out only to find when the day comes I’m in no mood for anything other than hiding under the covers in bed.

Plans that i tend make tend to fall apart for one reason or another. Its so depressing having a goal/plan to do things only for it to fall apart. Just re-enforces the Depression. Now days I’m slowly learning to have open plans. i.e. Go Shopping, but wont make a detailed plan, I’ll wait for a day when I’m feeling more confident and then do. That way I’m not beating myself up over. A lot of things that need doing are quick and easy and if I’m on a roll will get quite a few done in a day.

Even simple things that i took for granted become a challenge and a chore in my current state. I am surviving and plodding along though, just wish i could tie things down a bit better, but they’ll come in time i guess.  [whohit]Making-Plans…[/whohit]

One thought on “Making Plans…

  1. Hiya, things will come in time. Try giving yourself an action you will do no matter what the day or weather. Like walk to Morrisons and collect something you can use daily. Chocolate or treat for you and Mike. Make it a daily challenge, so even on a bad day you will feel good for having achieved it. I did things for my children, no matter how bad I was feeling and it made the days a bit better. So on a really bad day, tell yourself that Mike needs his treat, no matter what he says and use him as an inventive to go.

    ‘They’ say that exercise is a good mood lifter, so this will tick that box. Doing something for someone else, another mood lifter another box ticked. Don’t forget to go on your good days though (which are actually harder to do) as you will then get into the routine and that will help you more on a bad day. You are more likely to skip going on a bad day, if you didn’t go on a good day. 🙂

    Also try noting on a calendar if you have a bad day or good day. Some people, inc me, found it made me think more about what is a good day or a bad day. Yes at first they were mostly bad, horrid, terrible day. But then after a really bad day, better day and okay days start to creep in. The worse days then seemed to get further apart.

    Sorry, tricks that helped me…..It’s finding your own motivation and I found volunteering was the best as other people relied on me and I had to put myself last., especially after family. So try putting Mike before your feelings and go get him that daily treat. xxx Hugs

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