Philosophical thought…

Just feel like i’m being Stepped on.


Always believed in a higher power, Everything that happens to me i have always believed is for a reason. Either i was an extremely bad person in my last life. Or i’m being challenged to see how much i can take and handle. In order to get ready for something in the future.

But sometimes I think enough is enough! Argh! I Keep plodding along, but guess it comes down to old age question of “What is the meaning of life?”


2 thoughts on “Philosophical thought…

  1. A lot of things do happen for a reason I believe.. Whether it be to challenge us which is often the case and this is not always a bad thing.
    Why do you think you were bad in a previous life? Trust me the universe throws out crap to us all at different stages and different levels but crap nevertheless. Try a positive affirmation everyday and stick to that for the entire day. Don’t deviate from your positive affirmation. You can get wee daily
    books that are so helpful.
    The meaning of life is too big really but maybe it’s there to be lived as best we can. Ask for help when you need it but give help to others also. You may find good things come back ten fold xxxxx

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