Plodding Along….

Haven’t done an update in a while. Mainly because I’ve had nothing to report on. The¬†benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) (vertigo) has improved alot since the doctor did his tests and exams. Still feeling very low on energy though. but the dizziness has subsided thankfully.

As for the Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, not much has changed. Have been focusing on the physical and getting them under control. So i’m not having too many panic attacks or burping fits as i used to. Sleep is still hit and miss, I am sleeping but wake up exhausted, not feeling any better for it. Still waiting for my referral for CBT to help.

I am having major problems with Social anxiety at the moment. Due to a mix of reasons. I feel safe in my home, I have gotten things under control, when i go out so much is out of my control. Things can go wrong so quickly and i don’t have any safety net or safe place to get to if i go out. Also i have stayed in and not been very active mainly due to the vertigo (BVVP) cant really go out and enjoy yourself if your dizzy. The good side though is now i’m getting over it and getting control of my physical symptoms.

I wish i had my confidence, to get out and meet more people. Its not that i haven’t had the offers, its just i’m way to (Not as tough as my online persona shows). Unfortunately not every ‘gets it’ and think i’m just brushing them off, but i’m really not, would love to meet with some people, but just cant get over that hump to do it. Always had confidence issues.


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  1. You are so much further forward than you were even 6 months ago. Do not worry about how much further there is to go, and that is not so far, congratulate yourself on how far you have come! When you can get your head around the fact that other people all have their own hang ups and most people are putting on face to appear ‘in control’ it will be easier for you to find your place among them.
    Try to imagine a safe place in your head and in difficult situations you can try to concentrate on that until you feel able to move away – or cope with outside situations.
    You were able to help an elderly lady the other day, that involved putting your own feelings to one side and concentrating on her. Congratulate yourself! Little steps!!

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