Hearing Aids – Update

Had my audiology care transferred from Bolton Hospital to Bury Audiology. As this is a lot easier and closer for me to get to, making it quicker to get replacement batteries and to have the hearing aids re-tubed.

Bury Audiology had to do another hearing test today, which confirmed the results that I had last year at Bolton Hospital, however there was a decrease in my hearing on my left ear. Audiologist says that is normal as each test it might go up and down and is within the expected range.

She does however feel I would be better having hearing aids for both ears. So in 2 weeks time going back to have them fitted. They are the new ‘Wireless/bluetooth’ hearing aids, so they can ‘talk’ to each other and pick up the best sounds.

Will be another big change, but will take it in my stride. Who knew a bang to the head could do so much unexpected damage. Certainly didn’t expect to have to wear 2 hearing aids before my 34th Birthday!

Am not entirely sure how I feel about it, as I don’t like change, but trying to think about it positively. The retest results were a confirmation for me really, proving it wasn’t a one off. Hopefully my hearing will be a lot better in future and the fact it will be easier to get to the Audiology department, is really good. Saves time and travel costs. All in all a positive day.

Holding My Own

Well had a couple of tough weeks. For all the good my GP Surgery has done for me i took the difficult step of sending a formal complaint in to them. Due to an error over prescriptions and the treatment i received. Cant say too much as investigation still on going.

Good news though is that I’ve been Discharged from the ENT (Ears, nose and throat) Department at Bolton Hospital, as they are happy that there is on physical issue causing my dizzy spells. They have determined that its a  symptom of my anxiety. I will still be under Audiology at Royal Bolton Hospital, Probably for life. As will need new batteries and maintenance of my hearing aid.

I Finally had my appointment for the Orthotics department, that was requested in January 2016, at North Manchester Hospital. Getting some specially made insoles for my shoes.

Still on a waiting list for Healthy Minds Bury, at Fairfield General Hospital. They have been good checking in with welfare calls to check my state of mind, making sure nothing is getting worse.

Its amazing that with all the medical issues i have both physically and mentally, that its not just one institution that looks after me. So far been to 4 different hospitals: Royal Bolton Hospital, North Manchester General Hospital, Fairfield General and Rochdale Infirmary Hospital. Then you have my GP Surgery as well. The amount of medical notes they all hold on me would probably fill a truck. lol

Although things have been difficult in a number of ways, i’m not in such a mess that I thought i might me. I’m hanging in there, staying strong. Things are moving, maybe not the way or as quickly as i might have hoped, but its progress.

Hearing aid update

Well I had a hearing aid fitted 3 days ago on my right ear, and wow i’ve noticed a huge difference already. I didn’t realise how bad my hearing was, hearing all sorts of different ‘new’ sounds. Still learning all the new wonderful sounds. Some sounds are already getting on my nerves.lol (The fridge motor being one of them).

Is a huge adjustment, will have to go back to the hospital every 3 months from here on out. But nothing i cant handle, hopefully. In 3 months time the Audiology department want to fit another hearing aid on my left ear. My left ear has always had the best hearing, but even in the short time i’ve had the hearing aid, i’ve noticed that the hearing in my left ear isnt as good as i thought. So maybe once i have both i’ll be able to hear the world in stereo, scary thought.lol

Will take me awhile to get to used to wearing it, think that’s why they want to fit the other one in 3 months time. Feels strange having something in my ear all the time, and does sometimes get a little sore, but from what i’ve read and been told, is perfectly normal as its my ear shaping around the hearing aid and it will get used to it.

The ‘new’ sounds and my anxiety don’t really go well together. but at least when i’m having a panic over something I can hear I can put it down to being able to hear it now and hopefully will help my anxiety in some ways as will be able to hear things better so wont be as scared on the louder noises.

Still a lot to learn, another long road ahead of me.