Lord Sugar and the Twitter Incident

Well thought I’d write a post of my Twitter Incident I had, Just feel it necessary for me to explain my side. I had no intention of Upsetting or offending anyone, from the levels of abuse and choice words from other people on twitter it seems I have, So my apologises if I did.

Just thought I’d Type this up as it raises awareness of how abuse and hatred affects the lives of other People. Have lost a lot of respect that i had for Lord Sugar. Don’t think he realised or thought of the ramifications of all the abuse and nastiness that follows from people that follow his lead.

Lord Sugar tweeted:

I thought it was quite funny so re-tweeted it. Didn’t notice the spelling of Scotland until Lord Sugar’s Tweet:


Being Dyslexic and knowing how easy it is to do. I replied with:

“It is on Most Keyboards”

No abuse given, just making an observation and actually agreeing with Lord Sugar.

But instead the Response I got was this Tweet from Lord Sugar:


Don’t know what I did to upset or anger Lord Sugar, but was blocked from his profile. After Lord Sugar tweeted the above post, then started the abuse and nastiness from other Twitter users. Having looked at the 10:33pm there are a lot worse comments some swearing and abusing Lord Sugar. So why I got singled out I don’t know. Sent me into a massive panic didn’t know what to do, but thankfully managed to calm myself now.   I’m not to wound up about the abuse, lived with naming call since junior school must just be an easy target, “Water of the back anyway.”  [whohit]Lord Sugar-Twitter[/whohit]